Sunday, November 29, 2009


Before you freak out, no, I didn't cut bangs into my hair, I just styled the front part so that it would look like I had them. My hair is so thick with a lack of any texture (besides glass) that bangs and layers just sort of... sit there. That's why I have hair all one length, it generally just looks better that way. It's getting almost down to my hips! Yikes!

However, this pin and hairspray endevor has convinced me to get a wig (maybe a dark chestnut?) with waves and awesome side-swept bangs. It will be my alter ego wig, and it will be awesome!

Tomorrow is my birthday! HOORAY! I love birthdays. I love my birthday, I love other peoples birthdays.... I'm headed to the post office tomorrow to set up a PO box as a present to myself, so if anyone needs to send me a gift (teehee!) I'll let you all know tomorrow with my birthday present list of DOOM!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ahhh! It's invading!

This pinup thing is getting ridiculous. Every single one of my past bazillion purchases have been either pinup shoot clothes or great 40's inspired wear. 6 pairs of shoes came in the mail, every last one of them is pinup-y. Everything I bought at the thrift store had a shoot or event in mind. My outfit the other day, for example-

It feels good though, to finally be replacing the late 90's from my closet. I had nice clothes in high school. Went to college and lived in cheerleading practice clothes. Graduated college with dated 'nice clothes' and no need to buy new ones since I wasn't doing anything that required anything remotely dressy. Started modeling and bought shoes and lingerie. Now that I've got a reason (Ft Indiantown Gap, here I come!) I feel like I can buy clothes that suit me and are pretty and grown up.

Now to get up before noon and actually get dressed on a semi-daily basis! HA!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tales of the amazing garbage digger!

I am a treasure hunter. I seek out cheap thrills in dark corners of thrift shops, down back allies of garage sales and in my most glorious of moments- other people's garbage.

Today, I was up at 8am. EIGHT AM!! Weird. I went to the gym, came home and about three blocks from my house I saw a sign for an estate sale. Excited, I parked my car at home and walked all the way up to the house that this supposed estate sale was at (like 15 blocks!), saw the street sweeper dude twice. Alas, no estate sale. They had left the signs up from the the week before (and according to my upstairs neighbor, it was a sucky estate sale anyway.) On my walk back home in the cold sprinkles (I pass the street sweeper dude again), I see a pile of garbage, and peaking out was an officers hat. I grabbed it and lo and behold, there was a wooden ironing board right there too!

"Come on ironing board, you're coming with me!!" I said. Out loud. I'm glad most of the time there is no one around to hear me talk to inanimate objects. Luckily for me, the ironing board didn't protest, and neither did the American flag wrapped around a pole. I took that home, too.

Street sweeper went past.

I got my treasures into the house when my upstairs neighbor (my number one enabler for thrift store shopping) pulls in. I show her my finds, and she declares that we must go back to said garbage pile to excavate. Off we went.

20 minutes later, we pull back into the garage with very dirty hands and:
-a footlocker
-a hatbox
-a wool coat with fur trim
-a pair of shoes, formal, from the 40's
-an overseas cap
-vintage lace, ribbon and christmas kitsch
-a bunch of vintage clothes
-vintage lingerie, still in the Boston Store box
-an easel
-some boards (I think she wants to make shelves from them or something).

To think, someone was throwing all of that away! I can't wait to woolite all of my finds and give them a proper new home.

Oh yeah, obligatory naked picture-

By Lionel, of EyeWonder in DC. I can't wait for MM to have it's act together again after the DDOS attacks so I can put all of my new awesome pictures up, this one included.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day holds a very special place in my heart. First, I would like to show you what I feel is the most important photograph I've ever shot.

This is my Grandfather, Frank. He was an Army Air Corps gunner in WW2. He never was one to talk about the war much, however he always told us funny stories about his time overseas. He always grumbled about the Limies with a smile on his face, told stories about mixing up street signs in England to "mess with them damn Natzis, because they didn't know where they were going with out the street signs", pulling pranks in Trafalgar Square and going for a ride in a convertible with the Princess.

He'd always hug us as we left, saying into our ears, "I love yous guys." I'll never forget that whisper and those strong hugs even as he was slowly slipping in health. We've been without Grandpa (or Gumpa, as I used to call him for fun) for a few years now, but I still tear up when I see that photograph. He was such a strong man. I miss you, Gumpa.


Now, I share my modeling with all of my family. I printed off a bunch of my pinups to show my Grandma, and she told me Grandpa would be proud. That really made me happy! She told me that the next time I come up, she and I will pull Grandpa's uniforms so I can shoot in them. YAY! So, here you are, some pinups for Veterans Day!

(all pinups by JD Bozwell at, models are Groovacious K and Victoria Vertuga)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I LOVE halloween. It's my favorite holiday. I adore dressing up, dressing other people up... it's awesome. I guess that's why theatre design comes really naturally to me. Anyway, after much debate I decided to be.... A MY LITTLE PONY!

So here I am, first with a random guy from the bar before we did handstands, and then with a Rainbow Brite from another bar (80's FTW!) I found a wig in my hair color and made it into the tail, painted stars on my ass, pulled my hair into a mohawk of ponytails, sponge painted myself pink, added fake bangs and big lashes and called it a day! We threw a small halloween bash at my house, did some bar hopping and crashed at my house. I woke up the next day with pink and glitter EVERYWHERE!

In honor of Halloween, I'm going to post pictures of all of my halloween costumes I can find from years past!

So there you have it, some of my awesome costumes!