Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Joys of Travel

Today was the trip where everything went wrong, however, it worked out better than I had planned in the end.

Start with a flight at the ass crack of dawn. Blarg. I wish cheap flights were at a normal time of day, so that I'm pulling into ticketing with the sun up already instead of it being inky dark outside. I had a feeling I'd forgotten something. I can't seem to figure it out...

Anyway, I get through security and everything, and at the gate I find out that the flight is delayed due to mandatory "crew rest". These are the little things about air travel that boggle my mind. (just like the fact that a flight from Milwaukee to Toronto is $200 higher than the flight from Madison that transfers onto the exact same flight in Milwaukee to Toronto) If this crew rest period is mandated by law, one would think they would simply figure for it in the schedule. Apparently not. The woman at the gate insisted that I would have more than enough time tomake my transfer in Detroit.

If you have ever been to the airport in Detroit, you know that you will land at the VERY farthest gate on concourse A, and your flight will be departing from the VERY farthest in concourse C. This is easily a 20 minute jaunt, even if you are running most of the way and no Tibetan monks or fundamentalist Christians with strollers get in your way.

At this point, you've probably guessed what is coming next. Of course I missed my flight... oh did I miss it. It took off before we even landed. I got to the gate, they gave me a new flight time, which then would make me miss my bus in Buffalo to get to Toronto. So I call Megabus to see if I can get pushed to the later bus. Megabus is cheap, thus, Megabus is cheap. Their customer service blows sometimes, but you get what you pay for. I get a woman with a very thick accent asking me if I have more than 24 hours before my departure. No, I say. She says, "ah, too badah. weah cannotah do anythingah." She didn't even offer to sell me a later ticket. I ask about it, she then proceeds to ask me what date I would like to travel. Today. PLEASE.

I decide that I am NOT going to sit at Buffalo Niagra Falls International airport for 8 hours waiting for a bus. There had to be another way. *cue lightbulb*

It wasn't my fault or even weather that caused me to miss my connection thus missing my bus. I went and found the closest, least stressed, least busy looking gate agents. "Excuse me, I have a question and I was hoping you'd be able to help me..." and I explained how I was going to Toronto, but because of the crew delay pushing my itinerary back, I would be missing my bus to Toronto. "Would it be possible for me to be put on a flight to Toronto instead of Buffalo?" She smiled and looked at the guy working with her. She tells him that she's got some new things for him to learn about re-routing passengers and their baggage. Jamie and Adam at NWA in Detroit, you are fabulous!

After about 30 minutes of phone calls, urgent messages and the like, I get sent on my way with a shiny new ticket to Toronto. WOOT! Titania 1, God Chaos 0.

So now I've got about 3 hours to kill at the airport, and I'm hungry, so I stop at Einstein Bagels. Lox is possibly one of the few foods that I will never ever turn down. I love the stuff. I thought I would treat myself to a toasty lox and creamcheese bagel. After ordering and paying, they call my name to tell me that they are out of lox. She asks me if I would like to order something else or if I would like a refund. I ask for the refund because I really just wanted lox. The manager comes over with my refund, and then offers me a sandwich on the house for the trouble. Titania 2, God Chaos 0.

Sometimes, everything goes wrong. Sometimes, everything goes wrong and you end up with a ticket to Toronto and an egg and cheese bagel sandwich.

(photograph by Sean Ryan of Toronto, also published at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Anti-Vacation

Le sigh.

This has been "one of those months". You know, the kind that you get to the point where anything terrible happens and it ceases to surprise you.

To quote the musical that has been running through my head all week "I tried. You know I tried."

Started with a misunderstanding for what was going on sunday, my father in the hospital monday, a migraine on tuesday, a dead car on wednesday, waiting on thursday, friday and saturday at my parents house, an hour away from home. We were supposed to do all sorts of awesome things.

This just proves I'm never allowed to relax.

Anyway, my little brother is fixing the car (which I realized today that I've never named. I think it needs one, if it makes it through this ordeal alive). We're hoping its just a head gasket (I never thought I'd see the day that I'd hope for a bad head gasket, but here it is!) rather than a hole in the cylinder, which would mean dishing out $2ooo for a new engine. Bah. In the mean time, grandma lent us the woody wagon.... big pimpin' yo.

BUT! It's not all hell in a handbasket. I have awesome models visiting this week! Carlotta Champagne, Kimberly Marvel and Betzu!! A house full of awesome nude models (me and Raelyn too!) and I'm surprised that we don't have photographers knocking down the door. Kim is at Todd's for the day, Carly, Betzu and I are going to go thrifting. Then the girls have a 5 pm booking and then... SUSHI! YAY! I'm going to call this afternoon and get a reservation.... hopefully they'll give us the cool room (they did. awesome!)

Off to shop. See you soon!

(photograph by Robert Farnham)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Released from Captivity

I'm freeeeee! I was released from the house-bound quarantine on Saturday, and we celebrated by going to see a local production of RENT followed by a Rocky Horror Picture Show-esq production of Jurassic Park, complete with cardboard jeeps and people on stilts with Little Foot heads. Good times!

Thanks for all of your love and well wishes (and the cookies someone sent!!) for my bout of H1N1. I'm fine, I didn't get anyone else sick, so it's all water under the bridge at this point. However, when everyone is getting sick with it this fall and winter, I'll be immune. WOOT!

This week I've been getting up far to early to be far to peppy- after I lost the week-long gig modeling, I picked up a week-long gig teaching cheerleading. People tend to be surprised when they find out that I was a cheerleader... I guess that I'm too nerdy or something. Well, here's proof. (Yes, I still have the uniform. Yes, I can do the splits.) I'm happy to be done with that gig- I'm not a morning person at all, so it's been rough on me. Going to bed before midnight does not come easy.

I'm performing this weekend in a production of Cabaret that has been going on for much longer than I care to remember. We've got four shows left, and I'm to the point where I'm pretty sure 50 years from now you could start singing "Money" and I will be able to do the dance. (I'm the same way with most everything I've learned for cheerleading. It's stuck in my head FOREVER.) Here is an awesome (ha!) self portrait of me in my show hair and makeup. I'm almost out of clown white foundation... I think it's time to hang up this show!

No real insightful things today, I suppose, just the phone-call home sort of synopsis of my life at the moment.

(photographs by Carlos Moreno, an unknown yearbook photographer, and myself)