Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When you say you liked nerds, do you mean anyone who like plays video games, card games, all that stuff that's nerdy lol.

I love anyone who's passionate about something, especially if it's a little away from the norm. Geeky things are the coolest! Rennies, Cosplay, DandD... I like nerds that aren't afraid to be themselves!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do you have any unusual hobbies or any unusual talents?

Well, I'm a pretty odd kid, if I do say so myself. I like to do WW2 reenacting, I sew, I paint, draw, collage, photograph, bake.... I'm bendy, I love Karaoke, I can sing all of the states in alphabetical order...

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Monday, June 21, 2010

A video! Let's see if this works!

Hey! Here's a video of my sister and I doing our comedy routine at the Ft. Indiantown Gap Reenactment in January :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


THERE IT IS! My very own Playboy Special editions cover! YEAH! HOORAY! It's so exciting to see myself in print, I'm at a loss for words! WOOOHOOO!

Ok, so in other news, if you'd like to order one, go to my site- and follow the instructions. I'll paypal invoice you and you'll get a signed copy to your address of choosing.

In celebration of my boobs on the cover of a magazine, I'm going to go sing Karaokee tonight. (Angel is the Centerfold, anyone?)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I love Chicago- It was the first city I did a modeling-work trip to, and everytime I go, the city treats me well. Here's a collection of photographs from my trip (you photographers are speeeeeedy!) plus one from a photographer I worked with on this trip from the last time we worked together.

(From left to right: EJR Photo, Huit Photography, GEM Photographic, and Artblanche)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring is almost here- I can feel it

Even though it snowed buckets today, I can feel the uptick in my schedule. I'm starting to get busier, spring break planning is in full swing (a cruise this year, maybe? All-inclusive in Mexico?) and my house is getting messier.

I finally got around to unpacking from my last trip to DC.... getting snowed in for an extra week really pushed me behind on costumes and general housekeeping. I got to the bottom of my suitcase, and there it was! A glorious CD from Classic Pinup with fabulous pictures AND THIS VIDEO!!

(which blogger does not want me to upload for some reason, so here is the link)


Monday, February 8, 2010

What do you want for Valentine's Day?

Someone made the mistake of asking me what I wanted for Valentine's day on Since I didn't make a christmas OR birthday list, I guess this is my "things I want and would adore but can't justify getting them myself" list. (ps- Measurements: 39-29-39, Bra is 36DD)

Trashy's Pinup Collection. I love them ALL. I love the exaggerated lines, colors, adornments... I've been to the Trashy boutique in LA, and I almost died. Everything they do is so sexy and well made. I had a bra custom made for me from there and it's my favorite. Here is a costume (and another) on sale that's actually affordable- however they are 'bargain' made, so the fabric isn't the same quality as say, their $400 costumes.

Frederick's always has something that catches my eye- I love these boots (7.5) and this skirt and top combo (medium). I wanted to get the skirt and top in time for the last WW2 event I went to, but I ran out of time to order it and get it in time.

Speaking of WW2 events, I always buy fabric insisting that I'm going to get sewing dresses for dances and social gatherings. I never get anywhere close to actually doing it, so I keep surfing the web for dresses I like. I have a hard time finding true vintage wear in my size (I have big boobs, if you hadn't noticed) so I find lots of cute reproduction dresses.

Oh, how I could write odes to thee! Look at this dress! and this one! this one.... *faint!* (psst- gift certificates!) The great thing about reenacting as a pinup is that you get to be too tight, too short, to shiny and too, well, too sexy! I think I'm good with pinup shoes (who am I kidding... I can always have more pinup shoes!) but the dresses are what I'm really lusting for right now.

Besides being a nerdy model, I'm a nerdy craftypants. This makes me love cool craftypants things. I love for that reason specifically. These mittens are so freaking fun! I would want them in a bottle green, though. (look! You can special order them in any color!)

I also happen to be looking for cool things for my walls, and I really like this letter press poster to hang near my bed.

I wouldn't complain if I got flowers, chocolates, nice german white wine, fancy dinner, etc...

I also like tophats. Just sayin'.

Keep your fingers crossed

Ok, So I made a phonecall and got my flight rebooked for wednesday. Let's hope that this one doesn't get thwarted by the 10" of snow that is being predicted for tuesday night into wednesday. The Mero is still closed and I guess they are opening the below ground tracks tomorrow for the morning commute, but everyone I know that works in the city has off. Too bad I can't get anywhere, or I'd have lots of people to visit!

One thing that I've not done much of lately (so much so that friends are surprised that I do it) and would like to pursue more is drawing. I'm not sure what I'd like to focus on, style-wise. I might start drawing pinup girls (and boys?) I know it's just another thing to add to my list of things I do but don't have time, but I think coupling it with our work with, I could feed it into our charity efforts.

(image by Buzz Meade)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed in

I'm sure most of you by now (if you watch any sort of National News) have heard about the blizzard that dumped 30" of snow RIGHT ON TOP OF ME in DC. *grumble* Fortunately, I'm safe, warm and not hungry at a friend's house, so there's not too much to complain about. However, my flight on Sunday has been canceled, so it's a bit of a headache to get that all re-arranged. I might be able to get some of the shoots that had to cancel for the weekend squished back in this trip since it looks like Wednesday is going to be my best bet for getting out. I'll be making some calls tomorrow to see what I can arrange with a real person, as opposed to a website.

My hacking crud (go chez geek!) has sort of morphed into a general all body blech. I fell asleep on the couch today, and now it's four am and I'm still wide awake. I am attempting to settle into some sort of relaxing state right now. I switched Pandora over to my Remy Zero station hoping it gets me in a sleepy mood, or at least one where I can zen out instead of my brain running a million miles an hour. I am such a night owl anyway that it's a bit of a fight to be on the schedule of most of this hemisphere so once something throws me back in the direction of my natural leanings, I'm done for.

I was supposed to fly home sunday, and monday was going to be the final step of the great bedroom switch of ought-ten, which looks like it's going to end up being thursday. I'm finally going to have a permanent sewing studio set up, which should help me actually be able to get things done and improve general stress levels- no more entire house sewing sprawl! I want to be able to utilize my at-home time better by maximizing my seamstressing time (and inevitably my income from said seamstressing). I am not one for resolutions, rather just working towards a more positive being. That being said, I want to get more organized. Last year I did that a bit better, and I'm just going to keep striving for it. I am also taking applications for a live-in full time assistant/manager/maid- you'll get paid in doses of awesome and glory! :P

Blah. Four AM blogs are sort of boring, no? Ok. I'll give you another naked picture.

Hey! If you've ever wanted to ask me a question, I've been using formspring lately, and I dig it. Click on the link, and ask me a question, I might answer it and publish it to my twitter.

(Top Photo by Robb Mann, taken a few days before the massive snow; Bottom photo by Greg Lankenau)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

:dusts off blog:

Oh poor blog, you've gotten so dilapidated since I went! I forgot to winterize you!

*gives blog a good scrubbing and nails down the loose shingles*

Wow. Where to start? I'll make a quick bullet point type listing to get you all caught up.

I guess I'll just hit the big news. :drumroll please: I shot for Playboy mid-december, and some of the content we shot is currently on (HOORAY!) I need some bunny ears now, methinks!

I started filming for a new feature film where I play a sexy assassin. So far I've done a lot of lying about naked, which I happen to be good at.

My birthday was awesomesauce- we had a superhero/supervillain themed party, and I dressed up as Dr. Horrible. The highlight gift of my birthday- a fashion leopard-print Snuggie! As much as I will make massive fun of them, they are pretty darn useful. Not cool, but useful. I also got a late but oh so great gift- the limited edition companion book to "Double Exposures" by Sanders McNew called "Unemployed" (you can find them here: I'm in both of them. It's pretty cool to have a coffee table book on my coffee table that I'm in.

Christmas was cool and laid back, like it generally always is. My brother got me a book of nose art, which of course I poured over... Anyone have a plane they need a girl painted on? I'll volunteer to model for that!

I finally got to meet one of my very very good friends. It's a long boring story, so I won't get into it here, but let's just say he's my longest running friends and I've just finally met him in real life.

Now, I'm in DC and I just got back from a WW2 event, which is always super duper cool. We sold out of our charity pinup calendars (HOORAY!) schmoozed and flirted, like we do.

It's snowing in DC, and it's supposed to continue like four more times while I'm here. I left Wisconsin to get away from this crap! I caught a cold at the reenactment, which was no fun today while shooting out in the snow, but it's not seeming to get worse. I think I need some sort of soup with a kick to clean out my lungs.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah! Naked picture!

(photo by Steve Daubs, who moved himself to the Ukraine)