Monday, February 8, 2010

Keep your fingers crossed

Ok, So I made a phonecall and got my flight rebooked for wednesday. Let's hope that this one doesn't get thwarted by the 10" of snow that is being predicted for tuesday night into wednesday. The Mero is still closed and I guess they are opening the below ground tracks tomorrow for the morning commute, but everyone I know that works in the city has off. Too bad I can't get anywhere, or I'd have lots of people to visit!

One thing that I've not done much of lately (so much so that friends are surprised that I do it) and would like to pursue more is drawing. I'm not sure what I'd like to focus on, style-wise. I might start drawing pinup girls (and boys?) I know it's just another thing to add to my list of things I do but don't have time, but I think coupling it with our work with, I could feed it into our charity efforts.

(image by Buzz Meade)

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  1. thats great to read. it happens more often that models start being photographers than models becoming artists