Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed in

I'm sure most of you by now (if you watch any sort of National News) have heard about the blizzard that dumped 30" of snow RIGHT ON TOP OF ME in DC. *grumble* Fortunately, I'm safe, warm and not hungry at a friend's house, so there's not too much to complain about. However, my flight on Sunday has been canceled, so it's a bit of a headache to get that all re-arranged. I might be able to get some of the shoots that had to cancel for the weekend squished back in this trip since it looks like Wednesday is going to be my best bet for getting out. I'll be making some calls tomorrow to see what I can arrange with a real person, as opposed to a website.

My hacking crud (go chez geek!) has sort of morphed into a general all body blech. I fell asleep on the couch today, and now it's four am and I'm still wide awake. I am attempting to settle into some sort of relaxing state right now. I switched Pandora over to my Remy Zero station hoping it gets me in a sleepy mood, or at least one where I can zen out instead of my brain running a million miles an hour. I am such a night owl anyway that it's a bit of a fight to be on the schedule of most of this hemisphere so once something throws me back in the direction of my natural leanings, I'm done for.

I was supposed to fly home sunday, and monday was going to be the final step of the great bedroom switch of ought-ten, which looks like it's going to end up being thursday. I'm finally going to have a permanent sewing studio set up, which should help me actually be able to get things done and improve general stress levels- no more entire house sewing sprawl! I want to be able to utilize my at-home time better by maximizing my seamstressing time (and inevitably my income from said seamstressing). I am not one for resolutions, rather just working towards a more positive being. That being said, I want to get more organized. Last year I did that a bit better, and I'm just going to keep striving for it. I am also taking applications for a live-in full time assistant/manager/maid- you'll get paid in doses of awesome and glory! :P

Blah. Four AM blogs are sort of boring, no? Ok. I'll give you another naked picture.

Hey! If you've ever wanted to ask me a question, I've been using formspring lately, and I dig it. Click on the link, and ask me a question, I might answer it and publish it to my twitter.

(Top Photo by Robb Mann, taken a few days before the massive snow; Bottom photo by Greg Lankenau)

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  1. "Ok. I'll give you another naked picture."
    Such a simple approach to Life. Admirable. (And generous. Thanks.)