Tuesday, February 2, 2010

:dusts off blog:

Oh poor blog, you've gotten so dilapidated since I went! I forgot to winterize you!

*gives blog a good scrubbing and nails down the loose shingles*

Wow. Where to start? I'll make a quick bullet point type listing to get you all caught up.

I guess I'll just hit the big news. :drumroll please: I shot for Playboy mid-december, and some of the content we shot is currently on www.playboysbustybabes.com (HOORAY!) I need some bunny ears now, methinks!

I started filming for a new feature film where I play a sexy assassin. So far I've done a lot of lying about naked, which I happen to be good at.

My birthday was awesomesauce- we had a superhero/supervillain themed party, and I dressed up as Dr. Horrible. The highlight gift of my birthday- a fashion leopard-print Snuggie! As much as I will make massive fun of them, they are pretty darn useful. Not cool, but useful. I also got a late but oh so great gift- the limited edition companion book to "Double Exposures" by Sanders McNew called "Unemployed" (you can find them here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/770769) I'm in both of them. It's pretty cool to have a coffee table book on my coffee table that I'm in.

Christmas was cool and laid back, like it generally always is. My brother got me a book of nose art, which of course I poured over... Anyone have a plane they need a girl painted on? I'll volunteer to model for that!

I finally got to meet one of my very very good friends. It's a long boring story, so I won't get into it here, but let's just say he's my longest running friends and I've just finally met him in real life.

Now, I'm in DC and I just got back from a WW2 event, which is always super duper cool. We sold out of our charity pinup calendars (HOORAY!) schmoozed and flirted, like we do.

It's snowing in DC, and it's supposed to continue like four more times while I'm here. I left Wisconsin to get away from this crap! I caught a cold at the reenactment, which was no fun today while shooting out in the snow, but it's not seeming to get worse. I think I need some sort of soup with a kick to clean out my lungs.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah! Naked picture!

(photo by Steve Daubs, who moved himself to the Ukraine)


  1. you are incredibly beautiful, and talented. Can't wait to hear more about this film. Oh, and you never said if you were going to let me take you to dinner here in Columbus. I can't promise you better weather than D.C., but I can promise you a wonderful time.

  2. Synchronicity's been at play: I was listening to Jesca Hoop's latest CD, 'Hunting My Dress' as I opened your blog, began reading your latest entry. Perfect! Have you heard of her?

    Anyway, good to see you back posting.

  3. Oooh, when and where can we see this feature film? You must give us more details as soon as you're able.

  4. The film is a work in progress, but it should prove to be SEXY.

  5. Wait... the naked pic is nice, but can we get a pic of you as Dr. Horrible? :)