Sunday, November 29, 2009


Before you freak out, no, I didn't cut bangs into my hair, I just styled the front part so that it would look like I had them. My hair is so thick with a lack of any texture (besides glass) that bangs and layers just sort of... sit there. That's why I have hair all one length, it generally just looks better that way. It's getting almost down to my hips! Yikes!

However, this pin and hairspray endevor has convinced me to get a wig (maybe a dark chestnut?) with waves and awesome side-swept bangs. It will be my alter ego wig, and it will be awesome!

Tomorrow is my birthday! HOORAY! I love birthdays. I love my birthday, I love other peoples birthdays.... I'm headed to the post office tomorrow to set up a PO box as a present to myself, so if anyone needs to send me a gift (teehee!) I'll let you all know tomorrow with my birthday present list of DOOM!