Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day holds a very special place in my heart. First, I would like to show you what I feel is the most important photograph I've ever shot.

This is my Grandfather, Frank. He was an Army Air Corps gunner in WW2. He never was one to talk about the war much, however he always told us funny stories about his time overseas. He always grumbled about the Limies with a smile on his face, told stories about mixing up street signs in England to "mess with them damn Natzis, because they didn't know where they were going with out the street signs", pulling pranks in Trafalgar Square and going for a ride in a convertible with the Princess.

He'd always hug us as we left, saying into our ears, "I love yous guys." I'll never forget that whisper and those strong hugs even as he was slowly slipping in health. We've been without Grandpa (or Gumpa, as I used to call him for fun) for a few years now, but I still tear up when I see that photograph. He was such a strong man. I miss you, Gumpa.


Now, I share my modeling with all of my family. I printed off a bunch of my pinups to show my Grandma, and she told me Grandpa would be proud. That really made me happy! She told me that the next time I come up, she and I will pull Grandpa's uniforms so I can shoot in them. YAY! So, here you are, some pinups for Veterans Day!

(all pinups by JD Bozwell at, models are Groovacious K and Victoria Vertuga)


  1. "She told me Grandpa would be proud"
    Not many things heard in this world sound so good.


  2. Thank you for sharing (a bit) of your "Gumpa" with us... Beautiful story!

  3. I look forward to drawing these.

  4. The skis you're holding... do you know if those are authentic? I have a Quartermaster catalog from that era - they're listed as "Skis, Cross-Country, Modified, With Binding, Length 7'6" stock no. 74-S-167-300".

    Very cool photos! I have a Mountain Trooper rucksack and ski goggles that would've complimented your attire nicely. Great double-buckle boots, too! And do I see an M-1 carbine slung over your shoulder? I have one - Grandpa was rated 'marksman' with it during the War.

    I'm a WWII era enthusiast myself - Grandpa was in the ETO serving as company clerk with the 228th Field Artillery Battalion. He never spoke much about the war until '94, 50th anniv of D-Day. He mostly spoke about his buddies, and he seemed fond of the Dutch!

    Great video, by the way > the stand-up USO comic bit. It's great to see that era live on. I'd like to find a group that does that in Atlanta. New Years resolution, I guess!