Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Anti-Vacation

Le sigh.

This has been "one of those months". You know, the kind that you get to the point where anything terrible happens and it ceases to surprise you.

To quote the musical that has been running through my head all week "I tried. You know I tried."

Started with a misunderstanding for what was going on sunday, my father in the hospital monday, a migraine on tuesday, a dead car on wednesday, waiting on thursday, friday and saturday at my parents house, an hour away from home. We were supposed to do all sorts of awesome things.

This just proves I'm never allowed to relax.

Anyway, my little brother is fixing the car (which I realized today that I've never named. I think it needs one, if it makes it through this ordeal alive). We're hoping its just a head gasket (I never thought I'd see the day that I'd hope for a bad head gasket, but here it is!) rather than a hole in the cylinder, which would mean dishing out $2ooo for a new engine. Bah. In the mean time, grandma lent us the woody wagon.... big pimpin' yo.

BUT! It's not all hell in a handbasket. I have awesome models visiting this week! Carlotta Champagne, Kimberly Marvel and Betzu!! A house full of awesome nude models (me and Raelyn too!) and I'm surprised that we don't have photographers knocking down the door. Kim is at Todd's for the day, Carly, Betzu and I are going to go thrifting. Then the girls have a 5 pm booking and then... SUSHI! YAY! I'm going to call this afternoon and get a reservation.... hopefully they'll give us the cool room (they did. awesome!)

Off to shop. See you soon!

(photograph by Robert Farnham)

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