Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good bye, Canada!

.... as I type this, I am crossing the Canada/US border back into the states on a Megabus.

As I said in my last post, Megabus is cheap. Cheap like whoah sometimes. But, LOOK! FREE WIFI! Of course it's free and family friendly, which means no Model Mayhem for me. I guess all of the porn on there is just too much for them :P I didn't realize how little I use the internet for much besides MM. I check my email, I talk to people... but I do this on while on Model Mayhem. I'm on there like it's- wait. It is my job.

All of this free time on the bus is now being used to think of all the things I wantoshouldcouldbetter do, like decide if I'm doing the Arizona Shoot out (I wonder how much those tickets will cost...), that I haven't put together a proper acting or voice over reel, that maybe I should submit to some more agencies one of these days, that my Halloween costume is non-existent, that mom's costume is non-existent, my etsy stores have been ignored, that I haven't been home in a week and I wonder what has fallen apart in my absence, can I convince this photo studio that they should hire me to kid-wrangle even though I have no experience?

Bah. I wish the dude next to me didn't sit here with his legs spread wide. :note to self, always find a small grandma to sit next to on the bus and not let other people decide to sit by you: My knees hurt and I can't move. I can't believe I'm looking at two flights yet today.

OH CANADA! You are fabulous. From Tim Hortons and Swiss Chalet to Mint Aero Bars and Ketchup Chips! A subway system that lets people take their dogs on (do they pay the $2.75 fare?), cheap sushi and 5 cents for a plastic bag if you insist on having one. I love it here!

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