Sunday, October 4, 2009

Super nerdom

I've been absent from my blogging because I have been Super Nerd.

I enjoy canning. Like putting things in jars with lids, boiling them to seal them and using the contents sometime in the future. I'm turning into an awesome grandma.

Anyway, we were walking through my neighborhood and passed the independent garden center and decided to walk in to peek around the mid-season plant sale. There were ripe (and very very overripe) tomatoes EVERYWHERE. I have the hardest time seeing perfectly good food go to waste, so we go to ask if they are using these tomatoes. The guy behind the desk told us he didn't actually work at the garden shop, but the owner had gone away to handle some business. He was happy to call the owner for us and ask. The owner asked the counter guy if we were nice and then gave us permission to take the ripe tomatoes.

We went home, grabbed some pots and a jar each of my pear butter from last year and a jar of dilly beans to leave for the shop owner. We got two very large stock pots overflowing with tomatoes!

A sleepless night later with help from Raelyn, the tomatoes were cut, raw packed in jars and processed. I think we did almost 20 jars. Then I got apples from my parents and we made apple pie filling that is to die for. I also put our lemon cucumbers to pickle. I think they probably will look like brains by the time I get home. You should all be jealous!

In really exciting news, I've been selling lots of kitty costumes and people accessories. I'm in DC right now, which is fun, but I wish I was home so I could make more and list them in my store right away!

This is a bit of insight for you all on indeed how freaking nerdy I am.

(photograph by Asylum Photo, DC)


  1. Sounds like my wife, now she does bread also. Nothing like coming home to fresh bread smell.