Wednesday, July 1, 2009

D and D at the house tonight!

First things first, I'm naked. Well, not right now, but there is an entry today in the POD 18+ on Model Mayhem of me in the shower. It's pretty hot! If you're on MM, go vote for it :D

So there will be a bunch of people over to play D and D tonight. I don't really get it (not that I've actually ever tried, but I don't really have the patience for it). I'd probably like it, being essentially improv and all. And dragons. I love dragons :D I'll stick to making pizzas and doling out mountain dew for the time being.

This weekend I got to try out a pretty awesome game I'd only heard about, but never had the opportunity to play. It's called "Lunch Money". You're essentially catholic school girls beating the shit out of each other for, well, lunch money. The most fun part is not playing, but describing how you beat each other up- I threw a temper tantrum, took my barbies and shoved them repeatedly up another player's nose. Oh the joys of imaginary ridiculous violence!

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  1. You shoved Barbies up someone's nose?

    Dammit I missed it!