Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summerfest and Pie (or not)

Tonight we're going to go to Summerfest and check out Shiny Toy Guns, thanks to some free tickets that a friend from out of town won. We're driving with another friend of ours... he's got a press pass and free parking, so while we're WAAAAAAY in the back, getting beer spilled on us by drunken frat boys, he'll be on stage, probably not getting beer spilled on him. Looks like it's a good day to be him!

...but before we go, we'll be picking mulberries at his house. Mulberry pie? Jam? Eat them all before I get the chance to do anything with them? Who knows. This is one of those things I'm nerdy about- I like to can. Like, make pickles and jam and things. I should make myself one of those awesome 50's housewife aprons and be all sorts of domestic in it. Or just make dilly beans :P

Speaking of Dilly beans, I should go get a jar of them out of last year's crop. They are nomtastic!

(today's photograph is brought to you by the great Billy Monday)

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