Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gearing up for a southern trip and my lactardation

Tennesse, Georgia and Alabama, here I come... maybe.

I've been working this trip for quite a while now, and I still don't have a whole lot of bookings. Oh well, I guess it will give me lots of time to organize my inbox and blog a bit, amongst other things. Does anyone know if RAW is on Hulu? That would rock my socks if it was, I haven't even gotten to watch the show I did pyro for! I'll write about that one sometime next week, methinks.

Lately, all I've wanted to eat is cheese and ice cream. This proves to be a bit of a problem since I'm lactose intolerant, or as we say at our house- lactarded. I can take the pills all I want, but if I consume too much it makes my insides revolt. Yeah, yeah, eat soy you say. I'm in Wisconsin! I'll get flogged! Anyway, sexy milk (sans-lactose) picture by Jeebus Kitten (I think that's what he's going by now).

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