Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swine flu. Not kidding.

Well, it's true I've got it, though no one seems to believe me when I tell them.

Let me tell you that it sucks. Started out at four in the morning on Saturday with severe headache and body pains less than 24 hours after a mis-diagnosed infection. Turned into vomiting, fever and the inability to move without crying. I had a bit of a struggle to get my agent to believe that I wasn't going to be working, first off because I'm sicker than snot and secondly because I'm vomiting with a fever. I've been a food employee for quite a while in the past, so I know legally I couldn't be working in a food service capacity with the possibility of having an infectious disease. Went to the quick care thinking that it was a reaction to the anti-biotic I had been given the day before, she looked at me and sent me to the urgent care down the street. Mind you, I had been crying since about 7 am at this point, and it's now... 10? I was sitting in the waiting room at the urgent care, crying, when a lady came over, gave me tissues and gave me a big mom hug (the kind that last forever). "You will be blessed today, child, you will!" she said. She made me feel better.

So I have the misnamed swine flu, or H1N1, if you prefer to be elite and non-sensationalist. And because of said flu, I have lost 4 gigs (one being a week long for next week). This is putting serious pressure on the household income.

I'm stuck in my house until saturday on a quasi-quarantine. Someone, please send sushi delivery to my house.

(photograph by Chris Young)


  1. Holy bejeesus. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Yikes! I hope you're feeling better by now!

  3. Get better, you are the first person I know (even remotely via something like MM) that caught the H1N1 flu. Take care!

  4. How can such a terrible thing happen to such a cool person??? Something in wrong with the universe. Get back to being vivacious as soon as you can, Titania. - John