Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To do list.

Today will be productive, I swear.

It seems like it takes me two days being home to actually do anything. Yesterday I cleaned up the sewing room so that Model Sarah could sleep there, and I kept getting distracted and inspired by buttons, ribbons, stamps.... I have so many things I have to get sewn before I have time to do anything else. And then I remember that I was cleaning the house after spending three hours sorting lace trims.

Today I pay the bills. All of them. I'll get invoices done, all of those packages shipped. I'll unpack. I'll get laundry done. I'll go to the gym.

If I get it done, it will be a miracle.


  1. Its hard not to be distracted by shiny things.
    I was just aobut to go running today when I dropped by MM and started looking at pictures. I saw one that I really liked, and realized that I had run across another photo of you.

    So you must be keeping busy!