Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fort Payne, Alabama and a ring flash!

I can officially add Alabama to my roster of states. I went with Serge from Atomic Dots to shoot on some really high rocks (almost a poem here...) and a pond on some private land owned by a landscape photographer. Really beautiful area.... did you know that cactus grow in Alabama? I had no idea, but saw a bunch on our hike. FYI- little ants will defend their rocks by biting you in the bits. Consider yourself warned.
We then went to shoot in a studio downtown, where we had a good time with a red couch and a softbox.

I'm really excited about this image that I'm posting today for many reasons. One- it's awesome (or "hotrageous" as a friend of mine said) and two- I suggested the ring flash. Hotness by me, photo by Atomic Dots. (EDIT: I just noticed that I'm doing almost the same pose in the picture from yesterday. HA!)
Right now, I'm in Nashville, staying with the photographer I shot with this evening. A line of really bad storms came through, and we figured it best that I just stay here for the night and head out in the morning when I don't have to deal with dark, rain, and mountain grades. Tomorrow I'll meander back to Chattanooga, maybe take a non-highway route to enjoy the scenery and find some odd things along the way.
Off on a thrill-seaking adventure!

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